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Uv Dye save a lot work

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Re: Uv Dye save a lot work

Postby KE4AVB » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:13 am

First I removed the advertising link in your previous post. Please don't post these as are a very good way to get barred from this forum as I don't put up with Spammers. I just barred a Spammer this morning for breaking our rules.

I don't recommend any particular brand as I said the main thing is that the dye most effective wavelength must match the light source wavelength. There is many UV light sources for detecting pet urine that are simply the wrong wavelength for most UV tracer dyes.

It comes down to you knowing the specs of the UV dye you planning to use and then buying a strong matching UV light source. This why I contacted the manufacture of the UV dye I use for this spec. The dye I use uses the 365 nm wavelength and not the pet urine wavelength of 390 nm. This why I did my own research into UV dyes and UV light sources before I made my final decision on what to buy and use.
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Re: Uv Dye save a lot work

Postby Arkie » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:41 pm

Here is a link with some info about UV dye use from this site.

You can find lots of info about such on-line also.
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