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Can many of us small shops survive...?

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Re: Can many of us small shops survive...?

Postby KE4AVB » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:28 pm

bgsengine wrote:Yeah I got half a notion that it'd be cheaper to buy a program engine and break it down for parts and even with the leftovers that dont sell (slow moving stuff, etc) you'd probably still be able to make more out of it selling off the parts than you would selling the replacement engine.

For me that will not work. Over half my work is electrical and the rest is most fuel related with drive and deck problems. I actually got a JD Z950M coming in next deck lift problems most likely electrical in nature. I got to check with TB to see if they have a SM for it where I can look over the wiring before it arrives.

This why I spent so much time last year researching and sourcing the Dephi, AMP, and Molex terminals and connectors. I also brought multi 100ft spools of 18 and 16 gauge wire in about 8-10 different colors. I am looking the current Metri-Pack weather tight connectors. I just recently replace some 280 series on a Bobcat UTV. I don't see the need to replace whole wiring harness especially how hard they are to replace vs repairs.
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