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HFT General Series 2 tool boxes.

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HFT General Series 2 tool boxes.

Postby KE4AVB » Thu May 17, 2018 7:52 am

Gentlemen, I have been using the General Pro 44" tool box (top and bottom) over an year now. The only problem I had is one of the drawer guides needed lubing.

But I do like the newer boxes better as I luck out and got a 44" bottom cabinet floor demo Mother's day for $130 less than what I had paid otherwise. It is nearly 3" deeper than the previous cabinets and have newer style wheels. The red color is the same except cleaner than my dust covered one. I actually was waiting till June to get a 26" cabinets for a couple hundred plus tax so the $388 including tax is a little over budget but I would rather have the bigger one anyways. I already started filling it up with new tools. Maybe the top box goes on sale for my birthday so I have another excuse to buy it. :lol:

Just finding a place in my shop took most of the afternoon of re-organizing the shop. Unloading it by myself was a little fun as it weight nearly 300 lbs but that why I have an engine crane for, saves a lot problems like sore back among other things.
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