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The Rules

This is a must-read for every member.

The Rules

Postby Gasoholic » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:17 pm

The BASIC Rules are:
1) POST MODEL NUMBERS when requesting help
2) Do not double post help requests. Ask once and wait.
3) Do not post spam or links to your parts stores, listings or websites (Signature line links are OK, within reason)
4) DO remain polite and respectful - when a highly experienced technician is trying to help you, the best way to get them to stop helping is by trying to tell them they are wrong, or by not following detailed step by step procedures provided. Skipping or bypassing steps just makes it harder for everyone, and is *extremely* irritating to trained professionals.
First off, A technical forum allows the opportunity for everyone to interact, exchange ideas, solutions and above all, ask questions. It also makes it possible for other small engine and generator experts to input their knowledge on a given problem.
So, let's all interact and learn together. Our goal is over time to have many experts in the trade stopping by and contributing to the forum. If you need to learn how to use the forum, click the FAQ link at the upper right of the forum.

You do not need to register to browse most of the technical and general discussion forums, but will need to register if you want to post in it.
New people registering must complete a "challenge" question that the majority of robots cannot figure out. This challenge question may be subject to change at any time, but *usually* the "answer" is easily found, if not even noted in the question text.
Otherwise, they will not be able to complete the registration. This is to control the constant flow of registrations by spammers.

Now, for THE RULES:
Abuse of the rules below or the Terms of use agreement, will result in you being banned from the forum.
1 - Let's try to keep the discussion to air-cooled engines, gensets and the equipment it powers in the Small Engine forums. Other posts or discussions will be moved into the General Discussion forum. Likewise, small engine topics in the General Discussion forum will be moved into one of the small engine forums. Links to any other websites, unless they pertain to small engines will not be allowed in any of the forums. - Political, Religious, or Racially motivated discussions are prohibited. The moderators will have the final say on this. Jokes or funny stories will be allowed as long as they air clean (G-rated).

2 - When discussing a specific engine or generator, include the model, type and serial numbers to help identify the unit to forum members. Also include the type of equipment it is being used on and any numbers you can supply. If you include pictures, keep the images 600 x 600 pixels or smaller in size. Attachments are NOT permitted - we will not host images,manuals, or documents that have not otherwise been approved by Moderators or Administrator (Approved manuals and documents may be uploaded to the appropriate forum by Moderators, for download by registered members.).
If you need a place to host your pictures for the web, try Photobucket's free picture hosting service. ( http://photobucket.com/ ) Click their help link once you get there for more info.
To have the image show up on the forum, click on the Img button during posting and put the link where your picture is stored in the middle of the Img code, after the img] and before the [/img. Keep in mind most photo processing places like Costco, Walmart, etc allow you to store a certain amount of photo's on their web site. You can link to each photo by right clicking on it and copying the URL. There are literally hundreds of these sites available. You can also use Google, which also has storage and some nifty photo software called Picasa, all free.

3 - Suggestions for manuals or tools to make a job easier are recommended. If you're in need of prices, please visit a dealer. The "Small Engine Technical Forum" is primarily for technical discussions or questions on products. If you are trying to find an obsolete or hard to locate part, you may ask in the Old Engines and Restorations forum. Trying to use the forum to get the best price on common parts or engines will not be allowed. Using the forum to promote your products is not allowed.

4 - The forum Moderators may move entries around to give better flow or delete them if they don't contribute to the discussions or do not adhere to the Forum Rules. Accusations, personal attacks or derogatory comments will be promptly deleted from all forums, as well as any inappropriate photos, including, but not limited to copyrighted images from other sources.

5 - If you're in the trade or have a small engine website, you may include it in your signature if you wish. Registering just to advertise your website will not be allowed, especially non-small engine websites. This type of registering and posting will be removed, along with the poster. Linking to items you have on eBay etc, will not be allowed on ANY of the forums. You may post links to outside information that may help with a problem, even if it is in other forums. Directly posting the material may infringe on copyrights.

6 - This forum is frequented by small engine students and technicians of both sexes. Lets keep our posts clean and show them the respect they deserve. All forum information and photo's will be reviewed for appropriate content and removed if inappropriate.
Legal ownership: Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. The Professional Power Equipment Technicians and Education Network, or its owners, Officers, or Moderators are not legally responsible for anything posted on these forums.
It may be copied for personal use, but may not be reproduced or used commercially without the original poster's permission.

Privacy Policy: -The Professional Power Equipment Technicians and Education Network Privacy policy can be viewed in full here.

Disclaimer: Any information given out in the Small Engine Technical Forum , including repair procedures, testing procedures, repair recommendations, and the like are entirely the responsibility of the individual posting the information. This information MAY OR MAY NOT be correct or legal in your country, state, or locality - It is up to you to make sure you follow safe and legal repairs to your equipment. The poster may not have or give accurate information and it may not solve your problem successfully, but hopefully will give you a new idea or approach to try. The Professional Power Equipment Technicians and Education Network or its Owners, Officers or Moderators are not legally responsible for anything posted or sold by members of this forum.


Thank you for visiting with us!
- The Management
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