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LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

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LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby Dale_W » Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:12 pm

Stormforce Snow Engine

(That ABGO could be ABG0)

Fixing for a friend. I don't know how many winters this thing as sat. the gas tank was empty. Buy when I drained the carb it was full of thick red goo.
So much in fact, that I put some gas in the tank to flush the fuel line.

It would then start but run poorly. Surged like crazy.

I put the carb thru 6 or 8 ultrasonic cleanings, blowing it out with compressed air after a few cleanings, and then again when 'done'.

It still surges, but smooths out at about half choke. But if you try to blow snow it will smoke, surge, maybe die, run rough.

The fact that it seems to run smooth at partial choke tells me it is too lean. But this carb HAS to be spotless.

I pulled out the torch tip cleaners, and cleaned emulsion tube. The tube is slotted for a screwdriver, but I fear I will ruin it if I try to get it out.
It surges less now. Almost none at all. But as soon as I try to blow snow, it will smoke, run rough, and nearly die.
I should add I can see gas (small amount, but still) spewing/spurting from the tube when the engine is running. is this right?

Any thoughts? I pulled out the red plastic 'jet' from on top. It was clean, but I put a tag wire thru it anyway.

Have any of you had this?


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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby RoyM » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:07 pm

Save yourself time and effort, replace the carb.
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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby Dale_W » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:43 pm

Shortly after I posted that question I did some searching. I have to be sure to get the right carb, but Roy you are so right!

Seems they range in price for $18 usd to $83.

To bad a cleaning did not do the trick. But that's life.

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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby Skywatcher » Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:19 pm

Hi Dale

The trick to making these carbs run properly is to get the pilot circuit cleaned out. The idle mixture adjustment is locked on these carbs, so virtually nothing can be done about that. With the red jet removed, look into the cavity where it sits and you'll see a hole in the bottom of the cavity. With the main jet and emulsion tube removed, using the straw on a can of carburetor cleaner, spray cleaner directly into that hole and it should come out of the bottom of the center post. Clean the brass insert of the jet out with a #76 or #77 drill but don't drill into the main body of the plastic.

Use the carb cleaner with straw to clear out both air bleeds, those are the small holes either side of the venturi on the choke end of the carburetor. The main jet air bleed on the left should squirt out through the center post and the pilot air bleed on the right when cleaned should squirt out of the cavity that holds the red jet. Reinstall the red jet and spray this one again, the spray should come out of the small holes in the side of the venturi by the throttle plate. If the engine smokes under load, my guess is the main jet air bleed is plugged, or the main jet has been drilled out too large.

The last one of these carburetors I replaced was about $116.00 plus freight and tax from the Canadian distributer and took nearly 2 weeks to get here. Therefore, it's well worth me spending ½ hour to clean one of these carbs up so I can get the customer back in business in a timely manner. All the best,

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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby KE4AVB » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:16 pm

Just remember if you do try get that tube out you must use a straight side hollow ground flat tip bit that matches both length of the slot and the width. This is so you get as much of a bite on slot as you can. Here I have custom ground 1/4" hex bits to fit sizes over the years. Even with the custom bits I still every once a while I strip one these tubes out as they so gummed up they are fused in place.

OEM PN for the carburetor is 03121. I found it on Amazon for $20 including shipping. Now that could be just my my business price since I have a business account with Amazon.

LCT 03121 208CC carburetor
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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby DennyIN » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:32 am

I use gunsmith straight sided screwdrivers when I have to get into the delicate parts of a carburetor.
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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby Dale_W » Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:39 pm

Sky, that is great write-up. Thank you very much. I suspect others will read that over time and benefit from it too.
I can tell you one of the two passages is plugged solid. In a few minutes I'll know what one.
edit: it is the right air-bleed. plugged up solid. Even a #tip cleaner (77-76) wont get thru. Tag wire wont either.

My research also shows carb #03121. Thank you for that confirmation.

I am going to pull that carb one last time, mostly because I want to win. If I can't get it run, then off to Amazon I go.

Ke4AVB and Denny, good advice on the screwdriver. (flat, not tapered) I have a few screwdrivers laying around just for custom fits like this.

I'll let you know what I end up with. Since I just got the ultrasonic cleaner, my mind was made up ahead of time what I was going to do.
Buying a new carb from the get go would have been smarter.

Thank you all

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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby 38racing » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:16 pm

Only 26 cdn on amazon.ca. too bad I don't need one.
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Re: LCT 208cc on Ariens Sno-Tek Surges

Postby Dale_W » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:25 pm

Sky, you were dead on. I used a tag wire and spray carb cleaner to drill down and thru what ever was plugging that right side air bleed.
Once I was thru I could give it a good clean.

The LCT now runs great.

Would it have been smarter to just pop on a $20 carb? yup.

Thank you all again.

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