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Honda GX200 governor issue

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Honda GX200 governor issue

Postby borhani » Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:56 pm

I had this exact trouble before, but don’t see my way out, even reviewing old post & replies:

Honda GX200 engine on HS724TA snowblower. Put on new carb.
Engine runs at full throttle regardless of actual throttle setting. Does not over-rev.
If I manually close the butterfly/throttle plate, it goes to idle.
BUT, the co-axial spring on the governor linkage rod (to throttle plate) pulls the plate to wide open if I let go of throttle plate.
I have followed the governor adjustments as indicated here: http://www.ppeten.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=212
No luck.
Linkage is in governor rod hole closest to carb.; co-axial spring adjacent (slightly further away) hole.
Do I have them backwards?
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Honda GX200 governor issue

Postby Skywatcher » Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:51 pm

Hi Borhani

I did run into an over-revving 9 HP Honda engine on a post pounder a year or so ago. Turned out to be the top of the governor slider (P/N 16531-Z0A-000) had worn right off, so governor was having no effect on engine RPM. Not saying this is the situation in your case, but it is possible. All the best,

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Re: Honda GX200 governor issue

Postby KE4AVB » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:13 am

Sorry for the late resonance I been a new to me computer straighten out. It has terabyte hard drive and Win 10. I still cleaning all the spyware and other junk on it. Planning on it being my small system central processor as server that is if I can get it networked in. Currently it connected to my Internet only WiFi port. I got to reset my whole wireless network controllers as I didn't write down the master password when secured the network.

Now to your problem...

Has the governor slack spring end been broken off and a new hook end formed? If so that can cause a problem but honestly I don't know if it slowed or increase the speed as it been over a year since I ran into the problem. I thinking it was just over speeding but still under governor control. Since it is a slack removal spring the prevent hunting due loose governor rod just disconnect to test.

Note all springs in the governor setup pulls to wide open and the mechanical governor itself pushes to idle; unless, it has failed. But with what you saying the governor still works as it only slightly over revs.

As far if you have them backwards we need to see an image of the hookup. But normally the carb will have a hole worn enough to tell where the rod went so you the rod in the same position on the new carb.
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